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Digital Experience Changes Everything (Wed, 21 Jun 2017)
Do your technology and marketing teams work well together to provide customers exceptional digital experiences reliably, quickly and seamlessly? This study found that while the mandate to collaborate has been heard, there is still ...
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High Performance DevOps: Insights and Tips (Fri, 10 Mar 2017)
Getting started in DevOps? Or have you already adopted a DevOps culture and are looking to apply advanced principles? No matter where you are in your DevOps journey, this eBook is a must read. Get insights and tips from DevOps ...
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Orchestrating Composable Infrastructure: Six Ways to Ensure Operational and Financial Harmony (Mon, 13 Feb 2017)
Composable infrastructure brings the promise of tightly integrated compute, storage and networking fabric architected to meet workload demand with less cost, less complexity and more agility. It’s architected to provide fluid ...
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APIs for Dummies (Tue, 25 Oct 2016)
Modern business ecosystems need to rethink their approach to innovation and integration. This book is your guide to applying the power of APIs to business challenges ranging from changing business models to embracing a world of ...
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Measure the ROI of Your On-Demand Learning Solutions (Fri, 21 Oct 2016)
To stay innovative and achieve business goals, companies know engaging their employees’ learning and development is crucial. However, outdated and ineffective ways of measuring learning can lead managers to miss crucial ...
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